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The city of El Calafate, usually referred to as "Calafate", is located in the southern bank of Argentino Lake, Santa Cruz province (Patagonian region), 80 km from Perito Moreno glacier. Its name comes from a small and thorny bush with yellow flowers, very common in the south region of Patagonia.

El Calafate, capital of the Lago Argentino department, is located 185 meters above sea level over a steppe landscape. The city captivates tourists due to its impressive views, the turquoise water of Lago Argentino and the typical foliage of the desert area. It is famous for being the entry to Los Glaciares National Park, a protected natural area in our country that houses many tourist attractions including Perito Moreno glacier, Upsala glacier, Viedma glacier, Argentino and Viedma lakes and Fitz Roy mountain. All these natural beauties are typical examples of the Eastern region of the Campo de Hielo Patagónico Sur.

The most famous and impressive of all the glaciers located at this National Park is Perito Moreno glacier. The majestic views offered by this glacier have earned it the title of the eighth wonder of the world and it is also the third biggest fresh water reserve in the world. Due to its easy-to-reach location and the surrounding infrastructure, Perito Moreno glacier can be visited all year round. The weather is dry and cold, and the average temperatures are -2 º during the winter and 18º during the summer. The rainy season take place in autumn. Precipitations are scarce and do not exceed 250 mm a year.

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