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Gourmet Glaciers Experience

Gourmet Glaciers Experience

This full day sailing excursion offers the most exclusive service of Los Glaciares National Park, plying the waters of Lake Argentino.

Proposes sailing the waters of Lake Argentino On board of Cruise and visiting the Upsala and Spegazzini glaciers. The boat can Traditional room or Premium room passengers and is aimed at travelers looking for personalized attention and excellent service.

  • This full-day sailing excursion offers the most exclusive service of Los Glaciares National Park, furrowing the waters of Lake Argentino on board the modern Maria Turquesa Cruise and visiting the Upsala, Spegazzini and Perito Moreno glaciers. This is the only boat tour that allows you to visit the three main glaciers of the national park in the same day, also offering a walk through the forest in the Spegazzini Canal and food on board.

    The boat has capacity for 200 passengers distributed in two rooms (one located on the main deck with capacity for 180 passengers and another one on the first deck with capacity for 20 passengers) and is aimed at those travelers who seek personalized attention and excellent service on board. The boat's Premium lounge is equipped with its own kitchen, toilet and private sun deck and is characterized by offering a four-step tasting menu presented by the chef on board the boat. The standard room offers a gourmet lunch box to the passengers. The great virtue of the cruise are the four exterior sun decks that allows you to comfortably contemplate the majesty of the landscapes.

    This option called "Gourmet Glaciers Experience" proposes sailing the waters of Lake Argentino in front of over 50 meters high walls, ancient deep blue ice and majestic icebergs, allowing you to enjoy nature in all its magnitude. One aspect that differences this tour from other similars is that it includes food on board (gourmet lunch box in the Standard room or a 4-step menu in the Premium room), a 1-hour walk in the forest within the Canal Spegazzini and the visit to the Upsala, Spegazzini and Perito Moreno glaciers in the same day.

    If the tour is booked with transfer from your hotel, we will drive you to Puerto Bandera located at 50 km from the city. There, the sailing begins towards the iceberg barrier of Canal Upsala to then cross it and head towards the Spegazzini glacier, which is the highest in the national park, where you will disembark in Puesto de las Vacas.

    Here the engines are mute and takes places an interesting walk coordinated by the guide. Once back on the boat, sailing is undertaken heading to the Perito Moreno Glacier, offering lunch during the journey. After visiting this third glacier, you return to private Port La Soledad in Punta Bandera.

    If you have booked the Minitrekking or Perito Moreno runways tour, this activity is an excellent complement since you will see a different face of this glacier.


    Lunch box in Traditional room

    Lamb sandwich with homemade mustard, creole cheese and caramelized onions, accompanied with baked potatoes and smoked cheese sauce. Caramel mousse, crunchy carob and preserved red fruits.


    Menu in Premium room

    Amouse Bouche: Smoked corn soup, olive focaccia and pickled mushrooms.

    Starter: Lamb terrine and hazelnuts. Syrup of figs and chives, braised lentils and humus coral, garlic and curry.

    Main course: Prawn risotto from Santa Cruz and its juice with tomato confit and herb butter.

    Dessert: Gingerbread pastry, cream with white chocolate and caramel. Compote of raspberries and pinot noir.

  • Frecuencia: Daily, not suspended by rain. 
    Duration: Full day excursion. 11 hours from 7.00 AM to 6.45PM. To perform this activity in regular service to note that the tour starts early in the morning and you must be the night before in El Calafate. It is always recommended to book the tour when the date is desired and the hotel where you will stay, to secure their places have defined. It is generally not advisable to book once on arrival since it can not guarantee availability for the next day arrival.
    Difficulty: No, suitable for all ages.
    Included: Navigation across Lago Argentino, visiting the barrier of ice floes in Canal Upsala (which at present does not allow us to get closer to Upsala glacier), the stunning Spegazzini glacier and Perito Moreno glacier in the same day. Lunch gourmet lunch box in the Traditional room  and non-alcoholic drinks. Landing in Puesto de Las Vacas. Infusions and soft beverages during navigation. On-board activities conducted by a bilingual guide (English / Spanish).
    Not included: Transfer service from your hotel. If you need this services  indicate number of passengers in the optional "Transfer to and from the hotel per person". 4 steps menu in the Premium room If you need this services  indicate number of passengers in the optional "4 steps menu in the Premium room ". Entrance to Los Glaciares National Park. Tickets to the park are paid the same income, cash only. 
    What to wear? Comfortable and warm clothes, waterproof jacket or windbreaker, cordoned sports shoes or hiking boots. Not allowed rubber boots, apres ski or high heels. Sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, hat for sun or warm to cold case. 

  • You can hire ON LINE by making a quote
    For this we have a form in each activity which must complete, entering your email address, the date of the excursion and select the drop-down menu the number of passengers and if necessary to deploy and indicate the number of passengers in the additional Depending on the package to be contracted, then press DRAFT so that the report of the selected value.

    By agreeing to the quote complete the required data and continue pressing the button that says RESERVE NOW, select the payment method to then load the data of your credit card and make the payment that ends the operation. Within the next 48 hours * we will process your reservations and send the corresponding checks with the necessary indications to consider the day of service delivery.

    For the payment through the deposit or the bank transfer from Argentina you must proceed in the same way making the quotation and then in the selection of means of payment select Bank Transfer, made the payment send a scanned copy or the photo of the voucher for the total of the package Indicating name and surname to the following address reservas@calafatexcursiones.com

    * Dentro de las 48 Horas hábiles.

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